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The CRM functions of the application pertain to client, contact and relationship management. CRM functionality within suite applications have come to include sales force automation, commision management and workflows, collaboration, content and knowledge management, campaign management as well as encompass additonal marketing functions. Traditional CRM-based functions have extended to include social media management and have deeper integration to human resources (HR) and payroll modules.

CRM caters to all types of business from SMB to enterprise, range in functional and technical capabilities and many levels of complexities are available to suit your specific company requirements. CRM software has evolved to industry and vertical specific solutions that accommodate all company sizes, user counts and any type specialized CRM functionality that may be required.

CRM functions have rapidly evolved to spin-off various entirely new enterprise software categories. Areas such as Email Marketing, Social business, Helpdesk/Ticketing and analytics within CRM programs have spawned entirely new software applications and has moved away from the CRM range of traditional functions. CRM with social capabilities has turned into Social CRM where collaboration is the focus. The CRM capabilities reside as the backbone information supporting the social front-end. Many new social CRM systems often lack a complete feature and functionality set to support some of the social and collaborative aspects of a software.

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