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The WMS software space is unique in the respect that it contains traditional ERP vendors and dedicated supply chain vendors and point Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS. Each of these softwares may exist as part of a larger suite, integrated with other softwares or as a stand-alone system. Warehouse Management Systems can incorporate a number of different functionalities from a full supply chain perspective to sourcing to daily warehouse operations. Main WMS features include: Receiving, Pick, Pack, Put-away, location tracking/storage, bin storage/tracking, inventory control, RF, demand and replenishment planning, barcoding, labour tracking, voice picking, product status and shipping functionalities. Additionally, more advanced suites can contain transportation management, EDI, sourcing, SRM, procurement and collaboration platforms. Many ERP vendors do offer WMS as part of their solution suites, some offer it as part of the ERP solution (made by the vendor itself, but available at additional cost) or in most cases they are partnered with a dedicated WMS with an integration that was specifically designed for the particular suite.

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