For Organizations

Eval-Source offers a number of products and services for enterprises of all sizes from SMB to Enterprise to  maximize investment, reduce risk and save money. Eval-Source brings together Applications, Storage, Infrastructure, Storage and IoT to provide yoy a complete converged infrastructure strategy.  

Strategic Consulting

Software Evaluation
An end-to-end best practices software selection methodology
Onsite using the Tru-Eval Method for exacting standards
Virtual using the Tru-Eval Method anywhere in the world

Expert consulting using our Tru-Benchmarking kits for support
Assess your existing system to newer technologies and the rest of the industry

Investor’s Evaluation Report
Fact based information validated by the Tru-Eval method
Used to evaluate the validity of technology based companies
Provides additional market intelligence
Often used for decisions on mergers and acquisitions

Application Strategy

Creation of EAI using Service Orined Architecture to complet a holistic IT vision.  We use your enire application envoronment to create your path to Digital Transformation using AI, IoT, PaaS, SaaS, combining applications, infrastructure and ensuring interoperability for your company. 

Outsourced Procurement Services
Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for our customers
New supplier on-boarding – maximizing your sourcing processes
Customized procurement solutions based on customer needs
Vendor and supplier management (process coupled with technology)
Lowers risk of selecting incompatible and non-qualified suppliers

Key Differentiators

  • New and Innovative Products and Services
  • Smart RFI’s – Gone are the days of Thousands of criteria
  • Bridge the IT - Business connect gap
  • Offer on-site & virtual consulting
  • Our products & methodologies include extensive Vendor involvement with End-Users