Software Evaluation

Software Evaluation

Technology is the most important investment your company will make.

Can you afford to get it wrong? ​


With any investment, risk should be avoided as much as possible, software technology is no different. In fact, selecting the wrong business software may have detrimental effects. IT failure can cost your organization significant money, time and resource consumption. Eval-Source software evaluation services are specifically designed to assist you and your team through the daunting process of software selection so you can achieve greater ROI and avoid IT failure. Our expertise and proven Tru-Eval system exposes risk and identifies pitfalls and red flags before implementation before a commitment to any software solution is made. We examine your organization, the vendor, the solution, functional/technical fit according to your specific enterprise requirements in every aspect that may affect your company.

Tru-Eval Selection Methodology

There is an actual methodology for software evaluation. Our Tru-Eval System incorporates specific organizational requirements that are “custom built” to your specific needs. A structured approach incorporating methodology, organizational requirements, our exclusive algorithms, scoring and injection of best practices ensures your success. Our system combines process, people, technological impact, ROI and TCO analysis, vendor viability, business process management, features and functions, backed by a proprietary scoring system. The system impartially calculates a percentage of fit based specifically on your company’s exact requirements that ensures success.


Software Evaluation is a project in itself

Eval-Source as created the only software evaluation system of its kind which delivers results. Eval-Source guides you through the process and makes certain you do not miss any of the vital steps that can cost your company.


Decision Support – Metrics and Analytics

The most accurate information needs to be on the table in order to make the best decision possible. Due to the complexities of enterprise software we present all the information your organization may not be aware and factors that will influence your software selection. Our software evaluation services provide the necessary information from quantifiable metrics to proven analysis methods and techniques and a proprietary scoring system that is customized for each organization. The information provided and generated through the software evaluation process provides auditable and accurate information to support your software decision.

Decrease Research Time – We spend time so you don’t have to

Understanding the enterprise software landscape takes considerable time, research and effort. New technology, software, business trends, application road-map strategies and best practices are just a few of the aspects that our consultants devote a significant amount of time to understand the ever-changing software landscape. Our research saves you time, money, preparation time thereby decreasing your software evaluation project.

Our Software Evaluation Services

Our software evaluation services cater specifically to your organizational requirements. Whether it’s a full software evaluation project, short-term help, resource assistance, subject matter expertise, project management and recovery services and other capabilities you require to complete your software selection project

Full Software Evaluation Services – Metrics and Analytics

The Tru-Eval system is our end-to-end software evaluation process that prioritizes, ranks, addition of best practices, industry and vertical specific expertise and assists your organization from start to finish; from shortlist to selection. Our system includes factors that will influence your software evaluation by including TCO, ROI, functionality, people factors, technology impacts, strategic fit, vendor viability, business trends and other factors that will guide the software selection outcome.

Custom and A la Carte Services

We offer partial software evaluation process components to assist you with your company’s software selection. We understand not every organization needs and end-to-end process but assistance in particular areas of software evaluation. Whether resources are an issue, subject matter expertise, vendor scoring and prioritization or to supplemental services include:

  • Research & Market Overviews
  • Vendor Reviews and SWOT analysis
  • System Readiness assessments
  • Requirements Gathering (creation of functional & technical specification, creating SOP documentation)
  • Business Process Based RFI’s (Smart RFI’s)
  • TCO & ROI analysis and calculations
  • Proof of Concept Planning
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Resource Augmentation
  • Hourly or Project Consulting
  • Change Management Preparation
  • Creation of Project Plans, Project Planning
  • Exclusive Tru-Eval Scoring
  • Full Project Management Services
  • Project Recovery Services
  • Investment Software Evaluations & Solution Valuation Assessments (For investors looking to buy software companies)
  • Applications Assessments and Valuations (Determination of application value with respect to existing solutions)
  • Application Benchmarking (Assess functionalities and features with respect to competitive solutions, applications)
  • Custom designed application and evaluation services

Understanding IT Failure

Top Reasons for IT Failure

Companies and vendors make many mistakes within software evaluation and implementation. Here are some common reasons why IT failures occur. Our evaluation services reduce IT failure, identify red flags and mitigate risk all before a system is selected and implemented. Contact us to find out more reasons for IT failure and how you can avoid it with a proven system, methodology and incorporation of best practices.

  • Lack of internal evaluation experience and skillsets within the organization
  • Ineffective Project Management – No Accountability
  • Organizations do not have a selection methodology or process in place
  • Organizations do not define requirements correctly
  • Lack of TCO & ROI analysis
  • Not calculating the correct metrics – SaaS versus On-premise (calculated differently)
  • Lack of Organization Change Management Approach
  • Improper Training
  • Budget overruns and ineffective project management skills
  • Adoption and failure to utilize complete system
  • Incorrect categorization and tiering of vendors leads to incorrect solutions being evaluated
  • Vendor demonstrations are used as the entire software evaluation process
  • Vendors stretch and over commit
  • Using system integrators and software resellers for evaluations that resell software
  • Please enter existing systems in use, Current and future business functionality and features required, have you contacted vendors for demonstrations, has RFI/RFP been issued ?